Do you need some help in finding a new job?

We know what it’s like to be looking for a new role, we’ve been in those shoes ourselves at some point. It’s tough out there and the competition is high. Therefore, our approach is to try and be that specialist you can turn to for advice and guidance.
We aim to meet everyone that we work with, whether that be face to face or via a video call. We’ll critically review your CV and give you constructive feedback to ensure that it best reflects your capability and competes with your peers. We want to learn about what is important to you from a job and an employer and then work to bring those types of opportunities to your attention.
Beyond that we also want to be somewhere you can turn if you have any questions or need some words of encouragement if the job hunt is getting you down. For us it’s about building long-lasting relationships and those aren’t forged in a single conversation.

Top 5 questions to ask at the end of an interview

Many people struggle to come up with some interesting and credible questions to ask at the end of an interview. How many times have you sat there and, when they ask “do you have any questions for us?”, you realise that everything you wanted to ask has been covered during the interview.
The trick is to have some questions in your back pocket that wouldn’t have been answered through the natural dialogue of an interview. Here are our top 5 you might find helpful:

Our Aim

To meet everyone that we work with, whether that be face to face or via a video call. We’ll critically review your CV and give you constructive feedback to ensure that it best reflects your capability and competes with your peers.

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Recruitment to shout about...

“I reached out to Martin recently as I had seen a number of his posts. I was looking for someone to offer me some advice on where I was at with my career and where I hope to get to, considering I have recently re-skilled and had somewhat of a career change, making me a little unsure of what options would be open to me. Martin was kind enough to pick up on my call out for help and after a good lengthy phone conversation I was able to sit down and see things from a totally new perspective, indeed not one or two new angles but lots of different avenues to follow up in terms of employers and marketing myself in a new capacity with perhaps most crucially how I needed to get the message across to these potential employers that I have a great level of experience to bring from my career past into my potential new role. What really stood out at the end of the call was Martin was really honest and gave a true evaluation of where he saw me now and in the future, which has been invaluable to me. A refreshing point was that my immediate next steps might not involve me using Martin's services in the short term, but what he talked to me about will definitely help me get moving forward and this is something that I will remember further down the line when and I would definitely re-approach Martin then as I feel he offered such valuable advice without expecting any kind of immediate return.”​
Area Operations Manager
“I met Martin whilst looking for a new HR position a couple of years ago. From the very beginning, Martin went the extra mile to fully understand my experience and the types of role that I was looking for. He helped me create a CV which helped me stand out and throughout the process of finding a suitable role he always ensured I was kept updated on progress . I cannot recommend Martin enough! If you are looking for a new role and want that extra personal touch, Martin is your man.”
HR Manager
“I am very impressed with Martin's professionalism and the exceptional customer service and support he gave to me when searching for my most recent role. He was always available to discuss matters through and helped me secure the ideal role for me. Thank you Martin”
Head of Learning & Development
“I can highly recommend Martin. Although I was out of his immediate area in terms of filling roles, he took the time to listen to me, made sure he understood me and provided me with some really good advice. As my search was quite a long one, his advice was invaluable in helping me keep positive. This was time that he didn't have to spend on me as he was unlikely to get commission from placing me simply due to geographical reasons, but he still took that time and for that I am grateful. Thanks again Martin.”
HR Manager

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